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Barkbusters Vps

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Barkbusters handguards were first manufactured in 1984 and now have over 28 years of motorcycle industry experience and riding enthusiasm. That history means Barkbusters has what it takes to produce the finest handguards available on the market today. Barkbusters integrates a hardened aluminum…
* Replaces broken, worn, or missing Barkbuster VPS handguard plastics * Can be mounted on any Barkbuster VPS or Storm motorcycle handguard hardware * Left and right side included
* Replacement aluminum backbone for Barkbusters VPS Universal motorcycle handguards * Bar kit includes left and right side
* Replacement wind deflector set for Barkbusters VPS Handguards * Includes left and right variable position deflectors and mounting screws
…of each of your handlebars to reduce vibration. Barkbusters Bar End Weights are compatible with Barkbusters Storm and VPS full-wrap motorcycle handguards. They will not mount to the motorcycle by themselves, they work in conjunction with Barkbusters full wrap handguards. * Forged steel construction…
* Lowers the frequency of vibration of your handlebars by adding mass * Required for installation of Barkbusters VPS and Storm handguards on 2007-09 Kawasaki Versys 650 * Functions as a 15mm long M8 spacer that properly positions the full-wrap aluminum backbones on the Versys * Weight: 192…
…wiring, or hoses * Includes two machined aluminum bar risers and four longer bolts * This is the same handlebar riser kit included in the Barkbusters VPS and Storm handguards for the 00-07 BMW F650GS Dakar (Part #'s 277-BBBHG10B62BK, 277-BBBHG10B62BU, 277-BBBHG10B62G, 277-BBBHG10B62O,…
* Triple clamp mounting kit for Barkbusters VPS and Storm motorcycle handguards * Fits most bikes with front or side-top triple clamp pinch bolts, regardless of handlebar size or type * Includes bar end mounting hardware to fit 14mm and 18mm internal diameter handlebars Note: Not suitable for KTM or…
MSRP: $12.00 - $8.00
$8.00 - $12.00
* Replacement bar end mounting kit for Barkbusters VPS and Storm motorcycle handguards * Allows the full-wrap aluminum backbone to be installed into the ends of the handlebar * Sized to fit within the inner diameter (ID) of most motorcycle handlebars * 10mm ID and 14mm ID mounting kit comes with…
* Replacement handlebar mounting hardware for Barkbusters VPS and Storm Universal motorcycle handguards * Allows the full-wrap aluminum backbone to be attached to the handlebar * Complete Easy Fit clamp assembly with swivel for 7/8" (22mm) diameter handlebars * Fits most 7/8" (22mm) motorcycle…