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Fuel Systems Intake

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MSRP: $499.95 - $359.95
$359.95 - $499.95
…fine-tuning a fuel-injected motorcycle when changing an air filter, installing a new exhaust system or doing additional engine performance modifications * Direct injector control technology manages the fuel curve on models that do not have the sensors to monitor fuel adjustment * Made in the U.S.A.
MSRP: $224.95
…(Electronic Fuel Injection) systems * Allows correction for humidity, temperature, air pressure, race fuels, and motor modifications * Conditions like rich or lean running and stalling from flame-out at low revs can be corrected * Tuner can add or subtract fuel from the injection system * Adjusts in…
MSRP: $179.95 - $0.00
$141.99 - $161.99
…that corrects the problems associated with existing reed valve designs * Maintains flow velocity through the valve and re-directs the intake charge for even distribution to the intake ports * Provides quicker, sharper throttle response and more horsepower * Boyesen Pro Series RAD Reeds included
…LCD display * Make fuel and timing adjustments with the gear position/speed function * On turbocharged installations, the pressure input allows fuel to be increased * Relay outputs allow up to two warning lights or relays * By connecting the switch you can change between fuel economy and full…
MSRP: $168.95 - $130.95
$88.88 - $114.88
* Replaces stock air box lid. Snaps in place, no air box modifications required * Increases air flow while maintaining the stock air box * Eliminates restrictive intake snorkels * Carburetor jet selection kit included if required * Washable and reusable K&N filter element
MSRP: $443.95 - $39.95
$29.88 - $384.88
* O.E.M replacement filters designed to fit inside the factory airbox * Epoxy-coated aluminum wire mesh incorporated into a back-fire screen to protect the filter element * Larger surface area over foam filters offers longer service intervals in dusty conditions * Developed with a sealing bead…
MSRP: $309.99 - $199.99
$179.99 - $325.99
* Since their introduction for H-D Models in 1992, The Hypercharger has been widely recognized as one of the most cost effective performance modifications available * When the demand arose for adaptation to the Metric Cruisers we expected similar performance increases, but never expected to see the…
MSRP: $75.95 - $14.95
$14.95 - $75.95
* Complete kits to rebuild O.E.M carburetors * Each kit contains all necessary gaskets, O-ring, float valve and jets * Supplied by the same supplier the O.E.Ms use * Imported Note: Part #'s M1003-0038, M1003-0094, M1003-0177, and M1003-0220 include parts for two carburetors. Note: Part # M1003-0233…
MSRP: $125.95 - $64.95
$53.99 - $112.99
* Maximizes carburetor performance * Includes step-by-step instructions * 10-15% boost in horsepower * Use with individual filters
MSRP: $17.95 - $16.95
$14.99 - $15.99
* Ideal for use on ATVs or other vehicles where an in-line fuel petcock is necessary Note: Not recommended for engines over 300CC
* Aluminum construction, heli-arc welded * Connects to standard intake manifold * Gives instant throttle response and improves low end power * Replaces standard balance pipe * Made in the USA
MSRP: $359.99 - $299.99
$269.99 - $325.99
* The Pro-Series Hypercharger was designed for massive air-hungry V-Twin mills that like lots of RPMs * If your motor needs air, here's the place to start * The inlet is cavernous * The filter area has been increased by a full 50% * Internal shapes have been tweaked to allow increased flow and…
* The kit automatically adjusts the fuel map while riding * Wideband O2 sensor
MSRP: $64.95 - $0.00
$51.99 - $58.99
* For stock or mildly tuned engine using a well designed aftermarket pipe with a modified airbox and a stock replacement air filter * For applications where individual filter cannot be installed and where airbox modification improves the engine's performance * In most cases power increases of…
MSRP: $102.00
* Machined from billet aluminum, true CNC 26-28 mm or 35-36 mm manifolds * Kit for Banshee includes two manifolds, large volume boost bottle true 35-36 mm rubber carburetor boots and reed valve airflow diverter * Blaster kit includes manifold, carburetor boot and reed valve air diveter * Reed valve…
MSRP: $429.99 - $395.99
$395.96 - $429.96
…of a new exhaust system may change your motorcycles fuel-air mixture requirements. Please consult the exhaust manufacturer directly with questions regarding any modifications that may need to be made during, or after, installing their product. If a jet kit or fuel processor is recommended,…