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Hand Guards

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MSRP: $109.95 - $99.95
$85.99 - $87.88
* Made from polypropylene * Mounted using an expanding knurled bar end insert allows a perfect mount with only one fixed point * Offers full protection mounts quickly, does not interfere with cable routing or lever placement * Will not spin under load * Mounting kit included
MSRP: $39.95
* Comes with polymide mounting brackets and equipped with threaded brass bolts * Built to be lightweight * Easy to mount * Fits most standard bars * Mounting kit included * Tested by top pro riders, including James Stewart
MSRP: $39.95
* Made of nylon and polypropylene, offers versatility and provides maximum protection * Removable spoiler provides additional protection against rocks, roost and harsh weather conditions * Features an optimal ventilation system and a universal mounting kit that can be mounted both above and below…
MSRP: $49.95
$44.95 - $49.95
…bar ends and hardware (mount claps not included)* Revolutionary construction* All plastic full wrap-around hand guards* Trademarked probend shape* Replaceable integrated plastic abrasion guard* Improved U-clamps provide maximum bite to secure hand guards and allows for superior clearance for cables
MSRP: $104.95
* Anodized aluminum guard for maximum strength * Nylon composite material injection molded in and around the aluminum guard for increased protection * Indexed steel bar end insert mounts solid and will not allow guard to rotate in a crash * Mounts to the handlebar by cutting off end of each grip and…
MSRP: $109.95
* Auxiliary fuel tank mounts to all kinds of handlebars, both 7/8" and 1-1/8" * Suitable for minis, trials bikes, full size bikes, and anywhere else a little extra fuel is needed * Includes siphon kit that connects the handlebar tank to the main fuel tank and automatically siphons fuel while the…
MSRP: $82.95 - $79.95
$79.95 - $82.95
* CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum * Enduro shields, Power grip bar ends and hardware * Trademarked probend shape * Large area to accommodate hands and levers * High quality injection molded enduro style handshields * Integrated composite bumper to protect Probend bars * New and improved bar ends *…
MSRP: $34.99 - $34.95
$34.95 - $34.99
* The ultimate in hand protection * Remove the vent covers for better airflow while still blocking branches and debris * 1-year Manufacturer's warrantyNote: * Hand wrap not included * Must purchase mounting kit
MSRP: $39.95
* Polypropylene guard with printed logo * Large venting pattern strategically positioned to direct airflow past the levers * Universal PA 6.6 mounting brackets suitable for all MX bikes * Mounting system allows guards to be positioned independent of the angle of the levers * Mounting kit included
MSRP: $133.95 - $129.95
$124.95 - $133.95
…* Revolutionary patent pending design * Traditional Probend shape * Replaceable, integrated plastic abrasion guard * Center Reach clamps provide maximum bite to secure hand guard and allows for superior clearance on a wide range of bars * Powergrip alloy bar ends fit standard 7/8" and oversized…
MSRP: $63.95
$50.80 - $50.88
Manufactured using polypropylene, the affordable Rally Profile X-Rally provides strength and durability without excess weight. The Rally Profile X-Rally fits bikes with hydraulic clutch systems, as well as bikes with traditional cable clutches with on the fly adjustment wheels. * Full protection *…
MSRP: $67.26
* Hightech plastic that is injection molded * Special bend to the aluminum and plastic portions * Provides greater clearance of brake and clutch
MSRP: $99.95
* Anodized aluminum bar features a tighter profile compared to earlier models * Shields are molded from polypropylene * Comes with 5" tall and 6 3/4" tall shields * Will adapt to 7/8", taper and double wall bars * Ideal for short levers * Includes smaller Enduro and taller touring shield * Universal…
MSRP: $19.85 - $18.95
* Shields are molded for polypropylene * 6.75 in. tall * Replacement Bars sold separately
…uses the highest quality 6061 aluminum for maximum strength and secure fit * Probend Racer Pack includes: Alloy handguards with plastic abrasion guards, plastic shields, alloy bar ends and mounting hardware * Plastic shields available in 8 factory colors * Trademark Probend design * Complete Flex…
MSRP: $17.99
* For Pro Taper Brushguards * Injection molded, high impact plastic