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MSRP: $59.99
* 115 decibel direct replacement horns * Whether replacing old worn out horns or simply wanting something a little louder and distinctive, this horn set will get you noticed * Includes a wiring relay harness for plug-and-play installation * Sold as a pair * Chrome
MSRP: $509.95 - $459.95
$422.99 - $509.95
…start models: Front turn signals, horn, battery and regulator/rectifier are conveniently pre-mounted on the headlight. Able to use on any kick start bike. * D.O.T. halogen hi/low glass lens headlight * L.E.D. taillight * D.O.T. turn signals (flush mount available) * Horn * Ni-Cad battery (9 oz)Keeps…
MSRP: $34.99
* Retains the sound and improves the look on horns mounted between the frame down tubes * Chrome
…Make your presence known with this Horn Kit * It comes with all necessary wiring and a dash mount control button * The Horn is useful in alerting other vehicles and people to your presence, especially in low visibility conditions or near blind corners * This Horn connects to the vehicles electrical…
MSRP: $73.95
* Lights, horn and kill switch functions * Green socket wire length is 32" (3 wires) * White socket wire length is 27" (6 wires) * Extra set of terminals included
MSRP: $67.99
* Includes tail/stop light, stop light switch, horn with switch, mirror and all necessary wiring * May make ATV legal for street use in some states, check state requirements * Note: Outer ring of horn and most of mirror is silver (not black)
…D.O.T. turn signals (flush mount available) * Horn * Ni-Cad battery (9 oz)Keeps the lights working when the bike is off * Rectifier/regulator (keeps the battery charged) * Wiring harness * Switch panelHigh beam indicator light, turn signal switch, horn, headlight and kill switch * Parts bag contains…
MSRP: $139.99
* Be heard loud and clear with our trumpet style horns for your ride * With new Mega Horn technology, get that loud air horn style sound in one little package * Installs swiftly in front of your motor along your front frame tubes * Ride on and be heard
* High/low, turn signal and horn switch
* Fits 3 1/2" round horn
* Fits 7/8" Handlebars * Sold Individually
MSRP: $230.99 - $144.99
$96.88 - $146.88
* Bias ply construction * Special compound formulated for incredible grip * Large contact area for excellent grip at all lean angles * Interrupted center groove to resist tracking * Wide range of sizes and matching tread design front and rear * Perfect for commuter and traditional bikes * These…
MSRP: $39.99
* Making your presence known is a beautiful thing; but the horn itself sure isn't * This bolt-on chrome cover ensures your horn is heard, but not seen
* Chrome * Manually operated bugle horn * Mounts to 7/8" or 1" diameter handlebars * Universal Mount
* Fits Yamaha Road Star * Dress up black plastic horns * Fits snugly over front and rear horn for custom look * Sold in pairs
* Fits Yamaha Road Star * Chromed * Sold separately