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Leather Cleaner

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* Use to waterproof, preserve and protect all your leather accessories and riding gear * 4 oz. jar
* The best way to clean soiled and grimy leather is with saddle soap * Saddle soap will clean and condition your leather so that it stays soft and supple * 4 oz. jar
MSRP: $6.23
* Removes dirt, oil and grime on all leather surfaces * 8 oz.
…dirty, tired leather clothing and equipment lifting out dirt that can attract water and mask water-repellent finishes * Water-based environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-hazardous * Does not contain fluorocarbons * Revitalizes the look and feel of leather without oversoftening…
MSRP: $7.95
* Cleans, nourishes and revives all types of leather * Protects against external aggressions * Makes apparel water resistant * Prolongs the life of leather * 8.45 oz.
* Cleans and protects all leather clothing * Removes dirt and oil residue while sealing and protecting leather surface and keeping it soft * Restores shine to painted surfaces dulled by weather * 200 mL
* Rejuvenates the water repellency of tired, worn leather clothing and accessories * Prolongs the life of gear and optimizes performance in wet weather * Replaces water-repellent finishes and conditions leather * Overcomes the problems of gear "wetting-out" * Easy to apply * Manufacturer guarantees…
MSRP: $12.18
* Provides protection from moisture to black leather apparel, bags and boots * Prevents cracking and keeps surfaces supple while allowing it to breathe
…biodegradable, non-flammable, non-hazardous * Does not contain fluorocarbons * Prolongs life and performance of all smooth leather footwear * Revitalizes dried out or cracked leather * Ideal for footwear with breathable linings e.g. Gore-Tex * Can be used on wet footwear * Easy to apply. Can be used…
MSRP: $8.46
* Formulated especially for high gloss and vinyl colored leathers * 8 oz.
* Reduces water absorption in leather * Will not soften leather * Keeps your feet dry, works immediately after treating * Dual method sponge/manual applicator * Water based water-repellant can be applied to wet footwear * Environmentally friendly, solvent and VOC (volatile organic compound) free
…the little finger in the even of a slide leather palm with PU (Polyurethane) reinforcement * Retro reflective areas for improved night visibility * TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) finger stylus for use with bike navigation system * Chamude wipe strip forms a quick, convenient helmet visor cleaner * Black
…performance of all leather and fabric gloves * Ideal for gloves with breathable membranes such as Gore-Tex * Maintains palm grip * Easy to apply- can be used indoors unlike solvent sprays non-flammable, non-hazardous * Conditions leather replacing tanning agents in leather gloves * Can be applied…