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MSRP: $299.99
…good looks * Halogen Silver Bullets are mounted on top to function as driving lights * A band of high-intensity amber L.E.D.'s start in front and wrap around each end of the bar and function as both running lights and auxiliary turn signals * A variety of mounting brackets (sold separately) are…
MSRP: $109.99 - $99.99
$89.99 - $98.99
* Wiring exits the light through a hole in the body behind the mounting boss * Assembled with high-shock, heavy-duty single filament 20Watt quartz halogen bulbs * We recommend them for use as auxiliary driving lights to help riders see and be seen * Single function L.E.D. Reflector Style Silver…
MSRP: $23.99 - $22.99
$19.99 - $20.99
* One slick little clamp, our chrome plated stainless steel P-Clamp has many uses * It works great for mounting Silver Bullets or other lights to frame tubes or engine guards * Its hinged design makes installation easy * Mounting is very secure because our clamp is secured to the tubing by both a…
MSRP: $129.99 - $119.99
$107.99 - $116.99
* These state of the art custom mirrors are cut from the same mold as the Turn Signal Mirrors, but they do not have the running light and turn signal functions * Available with flat or convex glass and feature an oversized swivel ball for superior locking ability * Hardware for a variety of H-D…
* Built-in L.E.D. lights (eyes light up) * Integrated skid plate * Removable face * Powered by single 9V battery * Available in polished and textured black finishes only
* Rugged billet aluminum housing * Hardened glass front lens * Rubberized vibration isolation sport protection * Focused, forward lighting allows extreme visibility in night-time conditions * Button on the back swaps between high, medium, and low output * 3/8" round post mount * Dimensions and…
* Die-cast aluminum housing * Polycarbonate lens * Stainless steel mounting bracket * Flood beam and Spot beam patterns * 110 x 60 x 56mm
* 35W halogen PIAA light attaches to accessories such as the Lock & Ride Light Bar and the Brushguard Light Kit * Each light is sold separately * Will work on a RZR or RANGER. (Requires 9877910 or 2877911 Sold Seperately)
…with a full width radius, allows lights to be positioned to cast a wide pattern for optimal lighting range * Plug and Play installation is simple * 12-volt DC * 55 watt off road style lights are fully adjustable * Includes curved light bar with machined clamps, lights and a plug in O.E.M. style wire…
…benefits of a low profile light bar * Designed with cast aluminum housings permanently attached to a formed steel tube without welds * All wiring is routed internally for a clean custom look * A switch is included that can be mounted in a side cover for turning the light bar on and off as desired *…
MSRP: $299.95 - $294.95
$265.46 - $269.99
…* Two spot lights light up the night and make you more visible to oncoming traffic * 35-watt halogen bulbs provide bright light without overtaxing the electrical system * Wired for activation with your headlight high-beam switch * Can be wired into your motorcycle's running lights for an always-on…
* Pair of universal spotlights with halogen lights * Mounts on tubular engine guards * Includes light switch that mount onto handlebars * Must be connected to the battery of the motorcycle * Does not require any modification to the electrical system of the motorcycle * Black
MSRP: $28.95 - $21.95
$19.99 - $26.99
* Versatile light kit * Single filament * Mounting hardware included * Sold as a pair * Not D.O.T. Approved
* 4 LED lights in a compact 2x2 package that can be used for anything from a reverse light on a truck, a handle bar light on a motorcycle, to a flood light on a trailer * 1000 lumens of light, this small light has the same output as a 50W MR16 * Pulls only 10W efficient HID or Halogen light * At a…
MSRP: $38.99 - $26.99
$24.99 - $32.99
* Virtually unbreakable * Can last up to 100,000 hours * Socket rain jacket included * Fits into any 1156 light socket
* 4,150 Kelvin color temperature; Closest in brightness to PIAA's HID Lights * Each bulb is factory tested, ensuring they are within PIAA's extremely high manufacturing tolerances and performance standards * Light output: 110/100w * Power Consumption: 60/55w