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Paddle Tires

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MSRP: $72.99 - $62.99
$47.88 - $55.88
* Rear sand tire * 8 cupped paddles cross the entire section width * Optimal paddle depth for both traction and comfort * Tread compound specially developed to resist chunking Note: Wheel sold separately. Available in the following sizes: 100/90-19, 110/90-19, 110/100-19.
MSRP: $108.99 - $91.99
$56.88 - $65.88
* Rear tire for best traction in deep sand and mud * 4 ply construction * Tube type
MSRP: $69.95 - $35.95
$35.95 - $69.95
* Advanced natural rubber compound runs cooler with increased abrasion resistance * Designed to increase straight line traction and stability * Paddles wrap around the shoulder for increased traction and maximum pulling power on steep inclines * Stylish color hot patch * For sand applications only…
MSRP: $85.95 - $76.95
$58.88 - $61.88
* 8 and 10 paddle options * Ultra-light 2ply nylon carcass design Available In: 110/90-18, 110/90-19, 110/90-19
MSRP: $95.72 - $41.30
$55.88 - $69.88
The GBC Sand Devil quad sand tire features a straight-scoop paddle across the tread of the tire for even pulling in the sand. This sand grabbing ATV tire is excellent for straight-line drag racing, and its lightweight construction offers maximum performance in the sand. * Lightweight 2 ply…
MSRP: $196.99
* Lightweight, 4 ply tire construction * Super wide, high flotation footprint keeps the machine on top of the sand * Key to the effectiveness of the V-roll is its sizing * The 14" wide rear uses eight 20 mm tall paddles for an ideal balance of traction and handling * Paddles are molded in, which…
MSRP: $99.99 - $66.99
$45.88 - $66.88
* 2 ply construction * 8 paddle design * Great handling and stability in turns * Unique tread design does not require a specific right or left tire application * Tread designed specifically for sand Note: Wheel sold separately. Available in the following ATV tire sizes: 18x9-8, 21x11-8, 21x11-9,…
MSRP: $91.95 - $84.95
$64.88 - $71.88
…floatation * Reinforced 8 paddle design adds strength to the paddles for long life * Great performance in hard, heavy, or wet sand conditions * Back support ridges for controlled slides on ridge back dunes Note: Wheel sold separately. Available in the following ATV tire sizes: 20x11-8, 20x11-9,…
MSRP: $159.95 - $103.66
$71.88 - $114.88
…in main paddles as well as eight "mini scoops" * Creates much quicker hook up and acceleration than anything on the market today * Molded on logos and a bold sidewall hot patch log * Tire size 18x9.5-8 uses 6 main paddles Note: Wheel sold separately. Available in the following ATV/UTV tire sizes:…
MSRP: $77.95 - $72.41
$56.88 - $60.88
The Sand Shark is GBC Motorsport's best selling quad sand tire ever. The classic V-angled paddle design churns sand and ensures traction and excellent cornering and turning stability, while its lightweight construction ensures maximum performance for your ATV. * Lightweight 2 ply construction *…
* Rear angled V paddle tire * Offset V blade with 1 1/8 paddle height for improved steering and sidehill control * Eight blades that extend from shoulder to shoulder for improved turning control * Lightweight 2 ply casing reduces unsprung weight and increases flotation * Advanced natural rubber…
MSRP: $127.95 - $119.95
$99.88 - $108.88
…machines like the Commander and XP * Awesome steerbility and super fast climbing ability without any power loss * Part #355-9153 has a 4 ply construction * Part #355-9171 has a 6 ply construction * 8 Paddle design Note: Wheel sold separately. Available in the following ATV/UTV tire size: 25.5x13-12.
MSRP: $125.99
* 2 ply construction * 10 paddle design specifically developed for UTVs and large displacement ATVs * Unique tread design does not require a specific left or right * Tread designed for excellent straight line traction and predictable cornering * Unique tread compound designed for sand Note: Wheel…
MSRP: $249.99 - $189.99
$189.96 - $249.96
* Designed for those who spend most of their time in sand dunes to give the best overall performance * 0-3000' elevationNote: Sample kit shown, all kits vary by model
MSRP: $144.99
…for deep mud or sandy MX course conditions * Paddle shaped knobs create a large scoop for improved acceleration and traction * Unique shoulder knob design for predictable cornering traction * Sticky rubber compound for high traction * Suggest using with Southwick II or Millville front tire
MSRP: $208.95
…Stripper tires increase the performance of these machines in small sand areas to the biggest sand dunes in the world. They create an amazing amount of floatation and keep you up on top of the sand with great turn ability and traction. The fourteen paddle stagger cut rear tire has 3/4" tall paddles