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$599.96 - $799.96
* Made from certified 4130 chromoly steel and professional tig welded * Extended widths require aftermarket shocks to achieve optimum performance * Designed to bolt up and ride with little adjustment * Camber adjustability but no caster adjustment
MSRP: $154.85
$125.99 - $130.99
* Rebuildable * Nitrogen charged * Adds 1 travel over stock * Comes with standard springs
MSRP: $126.95 - $88.99
$81.99 - $116.99
* Progressive rate fork springs soak up small bumps and yet are firm enough to absorb the larger ones * Rate of the progressively wound springs have been designed to fit each model * Spring rates have been chosen to reduce front end dive under braking * Lifetime manufacturers warranty against sag or…
MSRP: $2999.99
* 100% chromoly constructed +6" arms * Tie rod extenders * 300m rear axles * 4340 front axles * Center axis ball joint set * 3-piece front steel braided spyder brake line * 2-piece rear steel braided spyder brake lines (2008 only) * 16 stainless steel CV boot bands and instructional DVD * 100%…
MSRP: $469.95
$439.95 - $469.95
* It doesnt have enough leverage action on the shock, which results in a spike feel, especially when hitting sharp square bumps at speed, where the shock shaft has to go through the stroke at a very fast shaft speed * Allows bike to blow through that spike feeling without bottoming becoming a…
MSRP: $299.95 - $155.95
$137.99 - $264.99
…better ride * Double steel wall construction * Gas charged for fade free operation * 5 position spring pre-load adjustment * Increased length and suspension travel for more ground clearance * Shock sock cover to keep springs and pre-load adjusters free from dirt Note: Part#'s 377-5002 and 377-5018…
MSRP: $499.95
* These motorcycle shocks feature a steel body construction, manotube dampers wrapped with a black powder coated progressive rate spring * Dampers have a nitrogen charge that eliminates cavitation and creates a consistent ride performance with no fading * Fully adjustable Softail shock with…
MSRP: $495.95
$454.99 - $468.99
The 465 Series Monotube shock from Progressive Suspension utilizes a large 46mm bore and deflective disc piston for precise damping. The beefy 16mm hard chrome shaft rides on custom Viton seals for low friction and leak free life. The 465 is custom tuned for each application and is completely…
…billet swingarm incorporates the latest in BBR rear suspension technology * 5 longer than stock * Unique BBR engineering with 3 interchangeable leverage blocks (soft, medium, stiff) * This range of leverage blocks give you control of rear suspension set up for weight, ability, track conditions, and…
MSRP: $544.95 - $499.95
$436.99 - $499.99
* High pressure gas mono tube construction for best in class damping performance * Gas and oil separated with a divider piston for fade free performance under all conditions * Deflective disc valves for quick and consistent damping * Can be run rod up or down * Tool-lees pre-load adjustment *…
MSRP: $349.95
* Designed specifically for smaller bore sport bikes and adventure touring bike * Combination of high performance and low cost suspension upgrade * Incorporates proper spring rates and specifically tuned deflective disc dampers combined with a gas charge to prevent oil foaming * Smoother ride *…
…tip * Front fender arch * Front fender inner sponsor decal * Rear fender * Swing arm decals * Air Box * Front plate/headlight * Side number plates * JCR suspension setting decal * Assorted JCR decals * Application instructions Note:Image for reference only. Graphics may vary according to vehicle.
$1398.96 - $1598.96
* A complete front suspension system featuring P-51 non-reservoir shocks * Lifetime manufacturer's warranty on A-Arms Kit Includes: * 100% Chromoly +2" upper and lower Phantom A-Arms * Extended iShock tie rods * Upper and lower brass knuckle ball joints * 3 piece steel braided Spyder brake lines * 1…
MSRP: $249.99
$224.99 - $249.99
…promotes further rotation on the helmet, helping to keep the body in motion rather than coming to an abrupt stop on impact * This innovative suspension system can help reduce some forces transferred through the helmet, head and chest by distributing them through the brace * Custom energy absorbing…
MSRP: $172.89 - $49.04
$49.04 - $172.89
* Improve performance, increased capacity * Overcomes spring sag * Increases capacity up to 25 pounds per spring * Improves ground clearance
MSRP: $83.93 - $13.60
$12.99 - $72.95
* Designed to replace worn out rubber bushings and give greater suspension performance * Kit contains all bearings, seals, shafts, and miscellaneous components to repair A-arm bearing failure * A-arm shafts are manufactured with 52100 heat treated bearing steel for improved performance and extended…