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Tire Repair Kit

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MSRP: $64.95
…wheel repair to your tubeless tire and re-inflate it on the spot * Includes the award winning Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger and the very compact Stop & Go Portable Mini-Air Compressor * It all fits into a durable zippered canvas case * Weight: 1.7 lbs Kit Includes: * Nozzle * Tire Plugging…
MSRP: $43.95
* Makes repairing flat tires quick and easy * Tire reamer and T-handled plug insertion tool allow for multiple flat fixes * Tire plugs will work for round and irregular holes, even sidewalls * Genuine Innovations Ultraflate Plus Tire Inflator fills tire quickly using CO2 cartridges * 12" braided…
MSRP: $44.95
…tubes and tubeless repair * Comes complete with patches, plugs, plug insertion tool, hole cleaner, glue, pressure wheel with surface preparation tool and knife for plug trimming * Includes 4, 16 gram CO2 compressed air cylinders and an air valve which can connect directly to the tire valve, or use…
MSRP: $44.95
* Professional quality tubeless tire repair kit * Allows permanent repair of puncture damage while tire remains on rim * In some cases removal of wheel from vehicle may not even be required
MSRP: $48.95
* Seals from inside/out * Repair punctures without dismounting tire from wheel * Complete CO2 to re-inflate tire * Comes in zipper pouch weighing only 22 oz. * 8" x 5" x 1"
MSRP: $34.95
…no air to escape * This technology insures maximum reliability while reducing your downtime in any situation * Weight: 12 ounces Kit Includes: * Nozzle * Tire Plugging Device * Probe Tool * Reamer/Rasp Tool * Hex Wrench * 15 Mushroom Plugs (5/16" diameter shaft x 3/4" length stem) * Retractable…
MSRP: $40.99
* Includes all of the tools a rider will need to fix up to 10 ATV flats * Tools are secured inside a handy easy to use pump * Easily straps to ATV rack or straps inside gear box * Patented design
MSRP: $63.95
…restricted access * Tire reamer and T-Handled insertion tools * Rubber cement, patch assortment, and scuffer * Five Dural tire "rope" plugs * Carrying case * Makes repairing flat tires quick and easy * Tire reamer and T-handled plug insertion tool allow for multiple flat fixes * Tire plugs will work…
MSRP: $49.95
tire repair kit * Provides everything necessary for "on the road" repair of both tube and tubeless type tires * Three sizes of feather edge patches for patching tubes * Five "on the wheel" rubber insertion strips and three patch/plugs which are inserted from the inside for fixing tubeless tires on…
MSRP: $35.95
* Latest design of insertion gun, with more leverage than old piston grip designs * Complete kit means you are ready to fix a flat on the road or at home * Comes with insertion tool, plugs, awl, rubber cement and trimming * Everything you need to make sure you make it to safety * Durable carrying…
MSRP: $50.30 - $38.95
$35.99 - $45.99
* Uni-Seal Repairs 1/8" Stem (Box 14) * Uni-Seal Repairs 1/4" Stem (Box 14)
MSRP: $7.95
* Includes 6 repair strips, cement and inserting tool * For mounted tire repair * Recommended for temporary repairs only
* Complete replacement kit with all the patches and plugs for the Bikemaster Tire And Tube Flat Repair Kit * Perfect for restocking your repair kit after use or keep extra supplies around the shop * Covers tubes and tubeless repair
MSRP: $323.95
* Everything you need to repair and inflate multiple ATV tires * (3) CO2 cartridges (1 to 2 cartridges will fill most ATV tires) * Regulator/adapter tool * (5) 4" tire seals * Tire roughing tool * Installation tool
MSRP: $31.99
* Includes 10 round flow seal plug inserts, cement, and plug insertion tool
* Replacement plugs for Bikemaster tire repair kit * Part# 315-1637