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MSRP: $109.26
* Provides a much smoother ride on hard surfaces than an O.E.M tire * Radial quad / side-by-side tires for that radial ride * Designed for 100% road or parking lot use * Great mileage for paved conditions Note: Wheel sold separately. Available in the following ATV/UTV tire sizes: 195/70-14
MSRP: $191.85 - $64.24
$49.88 - $149.88
…and dents and prevents dirt from wedging between the tire and rim * Spaced and staggered lug design allows for easy cleaning * Aggressive all terrain tire for all conditions * Best used in mud, snow, and hard pack * This quad / side-by-side tire is tubeless Tread Depth: * .66" for sizes 22x8-10,…
MSRP: $148.99 - $96.99
$58.88 - $98.88
The original world famous Kenda Bearclaw ATV/UTV Tire! The best quad tire for use under a wide array of conditions. An aggressive tread ensures your quad or side-by-side has the traction it needs to tear through the mud and snow. * 6-ply rated, extra tough casing construction resists punctures *…
MSRP: $89.80 - $83.95
$65.88 - $74.88
* 4 ply, lightweight construction * Long wearing rubber compound * Ultra smooth ride * D.O.T. approved Note: Wheel sold separately. Available in the following ATV/UTV tire sizes: 22x10-10 and 23x10-12.
MSRP: $183.99 - $148.99
$87.88 - $130.88
The Kenda Bearclaw HTR Radial ATV/UTV Tire provide superb puncture resistance and traction. Whether you want to enjoy a smoother ride on your Utility Vehicle, or give your Quad maximum traction on a wide range of terrain - the Bearclaw HTR is the radial tire you are looking for. * 8-ply rated, extra…
MSRP: $164.95 - $129.95
$92.88 - $114.88
…side and ATV riders * Designed, tested, and built to bring out the ultimate performance and control in your UTV or ATV * Designed for today's larger cc side by sides and ATVs Available in the following ATV/UTV tire sizes: 26x9R-12, 26x10R-12, 26x11R-12, 26x9R-14, 26x11R-14, 27x9R-14, and 27x11R-14.
MSRP: $176.95 - $137.95
$100.88 - $122.88
* 6 ply radial construction * Constructed of offroad truck tire rubber * Deep tread pattern wraps onto the ultra strong sidewall for increased traction in deep rutted and muddy conditions * Cleans out well in mud and offers great traction * Long lasting wear in all types of extreme terrain * 1 1/8"…
MSRP: $303.59 - $295.26
$202.88 - $207.88
* 4 ply construction * .5" tread depth * Lateral traction design makes for good performance in the mud and on harder terrain * D.O.T. approved Available in the following ATV/UTV tire sizes: 27x9.5-14 and 27x10-14.
MSRP: $197.99 - $111.99
$87.88 - $159.88
…* Tread depth of 1.25" for size 25x10-12 * Tread depth of 1.125" for sizes 25x8-12, 26x11-12, and 27x9-12 Note: Wheels sold separately. Available in the following ATV/UTV tire sizes: 25x8-12, 25x10-12, 26x 9-12, 26x11-12, 26x9-14, 26x11-14, 27x9-12, 27x11-12, 27 10-14, 28x10-14, and 30x10-14.
MSRP: $286.99 - $212.99
$137.88 - $186.88
27" Surefoot Tire: * 6 ply tire has been designed and tested for heavy utility vehicles like the Kawasaki Mule, Kubota RTV900, and others. Best suited for ATVs * Features Kevlar belting, puncture resistance, tough "stubble guard" rubber, reinforced sidewalls, and run flat performance * 1 1/8" lugs…
MSRP: $262.99 - $178.99
$101.88 - $158.88
…pattern designed for intermediate to hard terrain * Low vibration tread pattern for low noise * Radial tire designed specifically for the side-by-side UTV market Available in the following ATV/UTV tire sizes: 25x8R-12, 25x10R-12, 26x9R-12, 26x11R-12, 27x9R-12, 27x11R-12, 26x9R-14, and 26x11R-14
MSRP: $230.76 - $208.18
$137.88 - $199.88
The GBC Kanati Mongrel is a true all-purpose DOT tire built specifically for Side-by-Side UTVs. Named after GBC's affiliated light truck tire, the Kanati Mud Hog, this quad tire utilizes the very same tread pattern marked by aggressive diamond-shaped lugs. * 8-ply radial construction * Tread pattern…
MSRP: $191.95 - $96.92
$68.88 - $110.88
…stability in both 2WD and 4WD applications * Tread depth of 1/2" * Non-highway service Note: Wheels sold separately. Available in the following ATV/UTV tire sizes: 22x11-10, 23x7-10, 23x8-10, 23x10-10, 23x8-11, 23x8-12, 23x10-12, 24x10.5-10, 24x11-10, 24x10-11, 24x11-12, 24x12-10, 24x8-11, 24x8-12,…
MSRP: $96.99 - $54.99
$46.88 - $76.88
…mud * Flame pattern tread design Note: Wheel sold separately. Note: Tire size 19x7-8 (Part # 368-1330) is 2-ply rated. Note: Tire sizes 22x7-10 (Part # 368-1331) and tire size 25x8-12 (Part # 368-1332) are 4-ply rated. Available in the following ATV and UTV tire sizes: 19x7-8, 22x7-10, and 25x8-12
MSRP: $144.51 - $99.41
$75.88 - $106.88
The Interco Vampire ATV/UTV tire steps away from all other quad tires - it is as rugged as they come. The deep lugs give longer tread life and unsurpassed forward, reverse and lateral traction. The Vampires are so strong they continue to run under most load conditions, even when punctured. As long…
MSRP: $206.90 - $188.74
$134.88 - $147.88
…on regular ATV quads. One of the main performance features in the design was to produce a tire that would improve a vehicle's skid steering ability. A lot of muscle was put in this great ATV/UTV tire that can handle the demands of the highest powered side-by-side utility vehicles. * 6 ply rating…