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Valve Stem Caps

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MSRP: $5.95 - $4.95
$3.99 - $4.99
* Made of aluminum and available in 6 different anodized colors * Sold in pairs
MSRP: $5.95
* Sold individually
…support eliminates the valve stem nut and prevents valve damage if the tire slips on the rim * Valve stem seal helps prevent mud and water from entering the rim * Kit will do both front and rear wheels * Kit includes: two rim lock nuts, two base washers, two valve stem seals and two valve stem caps
MSRP: $3.95
$2.99 - $3.95
* Keeps dirt and water out of your tire * Can help with the abrasions, wearing, and eventual destruction of tube * Comes in pair
MSRP: $3.80 - $2.55
$2.55 - $3.80
* Aluminum, 5/16"-32 thread valve stem cap * Sold in Pairs
MSRP: $49.95
…Head with a 1/4" stem Inside/Out Patch/Plug Combos * Two 9-1/2" Steel Tire Levers * Engine-Air Tire Pump 60" Hose * Engine-Air Fresh Air Valve * 18mm, 14mm, 12mm, and 10mm Adapters (Fits most motorcycles) * Buffer/Stitcher Tool * Tube of Rubber Cement (1/2 fluid oz.) * Valve Cap with Core Remover…
MSRP: $6.95 - $5.95
$4.99 - $5.99
* Use as a valve core remover and wrench * T6061 alloy and offered in 6 anodized colors * Sold in pairs
* Show chrome finish * Sold as a pair
MSRP: $14.99
$13.99 - $14.99
* Ultra-bright L.E.D. high impact motion activated wheel effects fires automatically when the wheel is moving, screws onto tire valve * Three shapes in red, blue, green, and alternating red/white/blue batteries are included are replaceable * Sold as two pack
* Made from 7075 aluminum * Keeps dirt out * Supplied with an O-ring to form an airtight seal * Sold in pairs or in a set of 4 ea.
MSRP: $9.95
* Made from T-6 aluminum * Laser engraved WC logo * Rich anodized finish * O-ring for positive sealing * Universal threading fits all Schrader valve stems * Comes in a set of 2
* High quality, lightweight, solid aircraft aluminum body * Includes quality valve, mounting nut and valve cap for front and rear * Provides easy access to check tire pressure * Will outlast the usual O.E.M rubber stems * Will not be cut by road debris * Color anodized for corrosion protection
MSRP: $22.95
…pulls the valve stem into place without fingers getting in the way of the valve stem hole and pull through process * The 3 functions of this tool make valve stem and inner tube jobs faster and easier * Kastar's valve stem puller threads into the valve stem rather than over the valve stem * Makes the…
* Extension air valve changes the air valve angle * Great for use on small wheel motorcycle, motard wheels with a big brake disc * For use with straight type air pump hose
MSRP: $335.59
* Easy way to be ready for whatever rolls into your shop * Includes metal, rubber and aluminum tire valve stems along with the most popular styles of caps and cores
* High strength lightweight aircraft aluminum * Anodized colors for corrosion protection * Precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machined * Complete with O-rings * Sold Individually